The Different Shapes of Solitaire Diamonds

The Different Shapes of Solitaire Diamonds

The solitaire diamond ring has remained popular for years. Its simplicity exudes elegance and class, and despite its popularity solitaire engagement rings can have their own very individual appearance. This is, in part, due to the variety in the cut of the diamond, and differences in the colour and clarity of the diamonds themselves.

Round Cut Solitaire

The round cut is the most popular cut for solitaire engagement rings, as it is cut in a way that shows off the depth of the stone and allows it to sparkle. It is said that the round cut is the most versatile, and will suit most people’s fingers, whereas other cuts may be better suited to smaller hands, or longer fingers, for example.

Cushion Cut Solitaire

The cushion cut is a square shaped diamond with rounded corners, giving it a cushion or pillow-like appearance. This cut also works well as a halo, or pave setting, where a collection of smaller diamonds or precious stones encircle the centre diamond.

Pear-Shaped Cut Solitaire

The pear-shaped diamond is sometimes known as a tear-drop cut because of its shape. This solitaire diamond is usually worn with the point of the tear-drop pointing towards the fingernailsand is said to make the finger look longer. This solitaire also works well in a pavé setting.

Princess Cut Solitaire

The princess cut has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above, but looks like an inverted pyramid when viewed from the side. When you look down on the diamond, you may see an X shape. This is one of the newer diamond cuts.

Diamond Engagement Rings

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