His and Hers Wedding Rings: How To Make It Work?

His and Hers Wedding Rings How To Make It Work

Getting married is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life, and nothing could be more symbolic of your unending love for each other than the wedding bands you place upon each other’s fingers on the big day. At RPS Jewellers, we understand the desire you may have to choose wedding rings that complement each other and have a range of his and hers wedding rings to suit every taste and budget.

Wedding Ring Sets His and Hers

Finding matching rings that suits both male and female tastes can seem like a challenge. At RPS Jewellers, our bespoke jewellery designers will get to know your individual tastes, and create beautiful wedding band designs that both the bride and groom will love.

A simple way to create his and her ring set is to design two wedding bands made in the same metals, and with the same design features. However, you may wish to request that the female wedding band has precious stones, such as diamonds, incorporated, whilst the groom’s band remains plain.

The bride’s ring is likely to be a slimmer version of the groom’s wedding band, and may perhaps appear to be more delicate and feminine.

If you are choosing simple wedding bands, you could both choose to use the divine 22kt gold favoured by RPS Jewellers. Your his and her wedding rings, though simple in design, will shine radiantly for the rest of your lives together.

There are many ways to ensure that your rings go well together, even if their designs are slightly different. Simply choosing the same metal will tie your wedding bands together. Some men are choosing to incorporate a precious stone into their wedding band, and both the bride and groom might like to have the same stones adorning their ring finger. You may choose diamonds, or perhaps rubies or emeralds are more to your taste.

The most important thing is that the ring you choose suits you as an individual, as well as the two of you as a couple. Your rings must be a true reflection of you to ensure you love them forever. Choosing bespoke designers like RPS Jewellers will ensure that your his and her ring set is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine, so that both of you are catered for.

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