Ring Size

ring size
Ring Size Guide

If you are in any doubt as to what your ring size is then a quick way to find out is to simply wrap a piece of cotton around your ring finger and then measure the length of the cotton against a ruler to give you your ring size in millimetres. Use the ring size chart below to see what your corresponding UK and US ring size is.

46.5mm H ½ 4
48mm I ½ 4 ½
49mm J ½ 5
50.5mm L ½ 5 ½
52mm M 6
53mm N 6 ½
54.5mm O 7 ½
55.5mm P 7 ½
57mm Q 8
58mm Q ½ 8 ½
59.5mm R ½ 9

RPS & Co. offers both hand and machine engraving services for some precious metal Jewellery.

Merchandise may be engraved with our RPS & Co. standard type styles or in some cases with your custom design. In all most any language provided you give the design and wordings.

For more information about engraving services, please contact Customer Service at +44 (0) 20 8571 9448. Representatives are available Monday: Closed, Tuesday-Sunday: 11am–6:30pm.